Player not deleting on server exit

So, here’s a slightly altered code from the IOS multiplayer

var Player : Transform;
var camera1 : Camera;
function OnNetworkLoadedLevel () 
	camera1.enabled = false;
	// Instantiating Player when Network is loaded
	Network.Instantiate (Player, Vector3 (Random.Range (5, 95), 1000, Random.Range (5, 95)), transform.rotation, 0);

function OnPlayerDisconnected (player : NetworkPlayer) 
	Network.RemoveRPCs(player, 0);
	camera1.enabled = true;;

Now my problem is the second part. So the player is supposed to be destroyed on exit, but isn’t. I don’t know anything about multiplayer and need some help.

You’re going to need to post more code if you want help with this one- the code you posted for destroying a player object should work. Are you sure the player object is not destroyed? How did you go about verifying it? If you’re relying on the camera being enabled to prove that the object was destroyed- it could be misleading, since if the player object was never properly instantiated, it will never have been destroyed.