Player Not Rotating

Hi guys, I’m new to Unity and I’ve just gotten my character to walk around in the environment. However, the character is not turning when I press the left or right arrow keys.
I’ve been following this tutorial: Unity Connect
and the code they provided is the same one that I’ve been using.

I’m using my own character however. Here’s what it looks like when I press the left and right arrow keys:

Here’s the settings my character has:

Let me know if I need to provide any more information.

From a quick look at that tutorials code, it looks like the turning of the character is driven by mouse position. He should be looking in the direction of the mouse or something like that according to that code.

What you would need to do is edit the code for the left and right movement to also rotate the character. A very simple and sort of hacky way of doing it if you are using Rigidbody physics is to include this line in your update function whenever you are moving -

transform.LookAt(transform.position  + GetComponent<RigidBody>().velocity);