Player Pref Security - iOS

I want to know about if we store data in iPhone via Player Pref, then its how much secure?
Because I want to store important data.

Based on high score, I want to give real prices to game player so its definitely chances of data manipulation (hacking) via any other manner. So I want to restrict this and in play store I have noticed that game players has hacked leaderboard entries.

So for securing data, any kind of encryption, shall I need to use? or juts its apple so I don’t need to do anything…

If the file is stored on their own computer (as PlayerPrefs are), I can guarantee that if enough people want to, they will (eventually) hack into the PlayerPrefs settings.

This might not matter so much for single-player games, but when you start introducing in-game purchases, and/or multiplayer, this is when it becomes an issue.
Usually this information would instead be stored online, with limited accessed only through secure and user-specific authentication.

I found this plugin for encryption and description.
Its really easy to use as well…

For this suggestion thanks to @Luke-Houlihan

Secured PlayerPrefs