Player Prefs not Saving in Linux

We have a released game that is fine on Windows. We are working to port it to Linux, and in my own testing everything works, including saving and loading. However, many of our beta testers report their progress is not saved. All progress is written via player prefs, and again it works without issue on Windows. Any ideas what specifically could be different with Linux?

EDIT: I’m looking into PlayerPrefs.Save() I never ran this on Windows, although reading up on it, apparently it calls automatically on exit, its possible the exit call is not working correctly on Linux, testing this now.

Think I resolved this one myself, indeed calling PlayerPrefs.Save() manually at a number of points in my project ensured by the time they quit the prefs were saved. Also, they may have not been saving as I was calling a process kill rather then an application.quit() because the latter was freezing the game.