Player prefs won't save or be retrieved.

I’m trying to save the high score but it won’t set the value for the scene when being called and won’t even save resulting in the Debug.Log(“NEW HIGHSCORE”) to be spammed. What do?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class pedometer : MonoBehaviour {

	public bool start;
	public bool gameOver;
	public float distance = 0f;
	public int speed = 1;

	void Update () {
		GameObject.Find("Canvas/Panel/HSCOREnumber").GetComponent<Text>().text = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Highscore").ToString();
		if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) {
			distance += Time.deltaTime;
			start = true;
			GameObject.Find("Canvas/Panel/SCOREnumber").GetComponent<Text>().text = ((int)(distance)).ToString();
			if (distance > PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Highscore")) {
				PlayerPrefs.SetInt("HighScore", (int)(distance));
				Debug.Log("NEW HIGHSCORE" + (int)(distance));

Not sure if this will fix everything, but from a quick glance, on line 20 you have it written “HighScore”, everywhere else it is “Highscore”. I believe it is caps sensitive.