Player seems to move faster when FPS is low?


I could just be completely off base here and imagining it, but I have an iOS game, right now it’s just a camera moving around FPS style, and with occlusion culling and such I’m averaging above 40fps. However every once in a while the frame rate (which is being reported on screen live) drops below 20fps, and the game becomes choppy. During these times, however, it appears the player moves faster – like quite faster.

Is this a known issue with lower frame rates? Or am I imagining this?

End of my movement code:

var moveDirection = Vector3(((x2ios * movementMultiplier * distanceMultiplierMove) * Time.deltaTime), 0, -((z2ios * movementMultiplier * distanceMultiplierMove) * Time.deltaTime));
				moveDirection = transform.TransformDirection(moveDirection); 
				moveDirection *= 6.0; 
	        	moveDirection.x = moveDirection.x / 22;
	        	moveDirection.z = moveDirection.z / 22;

				moveDirection.y -= gravity * Time.deltaTime;
				controller.Move(moveDirection * Time.deltaTime);

Time.deltatime. Search this site you will find an answer it’s asked daily

I see the problem – I multiply Time.deltaTime, as expected, but then do more math afterwards, which changes the final number in a way that is not proportional. Changing the math, so that * Time.deltaTime happens at the end solves the problem.

Which is good, since it means I wasn’t just seeing things.