Player Settings Blank?

I wanted my game to be windowed when I build it while I do testing. I went to my player settings, and they are completely blank.I’m using Unity 2020.1.1f1. Restarting doesn’t change it. I also tried changing platforms but the player settings are still blank. It also isn’t just this single project. I opened other recent projects I made to teach some students, and they also don’t have any player settings.

Player settings Blank:

Build settings (in case it matters?):

Well, this is a very bizarre bug I encountered. I had previously installed webGL for an older version of unity but didn’t install the module for Unity2020. I noticed these errors in my console. It looks like Unity was looking for WebGL stuff and since it didn’t exist it just broke the entire playersettings menu for all configurations (I was just building for windows).

I went into Unity hub and downloaded the webgl module for Unity2020, loaded the project back up, and the player settings was fixed.