Player Settings In-game


currently developing the front end for a game, I’m trying to find out if the player settings that are set-up in the display resolution dialogue could be scripted so that the settings can be altered on a ‘options-like’ screen. Is there a class that relates to all of these properties at all?

Thank you (in advance)

If you “surf around” in the documentation you would have found this:

Btw, the bootcamp demo is not done by Unity it has been created by Aquiris.

The input setup can’t be changed at runtime. It’s a feature we hope to get in future releases.

There is a class in Unity that you can use to adjust the screen resolution:

When you set the resolution there is an arg that you ca use to set fullscreen or not. It is just a case of wrapping each of these calls in a GUI button or however you want to present the options to the end user.

This will allow you to adjust the resolutions in game.

You need to make sure that you use relative positions and sizes for all you gui objects or it will lead to issues when you change the resolution.