Player sometimes falls through ground (plane) when walking into objects?

My 3rd person player in my 3D game has a Character Controller component and no collider (although I’ve tried with a box/capsule collider as well). For the ground (a plane), I’ve tried a box collider with 0 height and nonzero height and a mesh collider.

This used to work fine, but at some point along the way, my player has started falling through the plane when walking into/next to objects with various colliders. This only happens sometimes, but the surefire way to make it happen is by letting a navmeshagent NPC with a capsule collider walk into the player.

I’ve tried changing the Default Contact Offset in the physics project settings from 0.01 to 0.1 following a suggestion I found online, but I didn’t notice any difference.

I’d be very appreciative of any suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks!


Try this out. To me it seams given your description that there is a lot going on and try with the basic settings as below first.

  1. Check that the floor only have a box collider and that it’s not a trigger
  2. Check that the player has a Capsule collider
  3. For the player Uncheck is kinematic on the rigidbody
  4. For the player Uncheck use gravity on the rigidbody

Decreasing the skin width on my Character Controller component fixed this issue for me. It was set to .01 and I changed it to .1.