Player stuck in place when animations are added

Hey, so first of all I’m very new at Unity so sorry if this question is actually kind of stupid, but I was working in my game and I had added animations a while ago and everything worked perfectly. I decided today that I wanted to add a new animation, and when I went to playtest, for some reason my character stopped moving at all. The walking and jumping animations (which were the ones added a while ago) played, yet there was no movement. I tried removing the new animation, but it didnt work. Then I decided to have no animations playing inside the code, but nothing worked until I removed the animator component completely from the player. When I add it back, the character gets stuck again. I don’t understand what’s going on and what’s causing this, so if anyone has any clue of what’s going on I would appreciate it. Thanks!

I forgot that I had posted this, as I already figured out what was wrong. I had disabled root motion in the animator component without realizing.