player switching

so,… i’ve been working on a game…just a simple game… its more like a practice to me…
here is the video…

so i need someone to make a script for me…a script that allow to switch the player model in game by pressing a key… i don’t know how to do that… im really not a coding guy… i am a 3d modeller…you can see my work at : if you interested to help me with the game please tell me here… or contact me to my email here : so i can give you the project file with all asset on it which you may also use for your game… and maybe we can work together on something bigger… but for now i just need one help on the script…

thank you

this is the basics of what you want to do.

var player1 : GameObject;

var player2 : GambeObject

If(Input.getkeydown(‘h’)) { = false; = true;


something like that and this is jscript