Player under Canvas Image

I first add my essentials to my game ( every thing i needed for my game). I then added my canvas (for the game score), once i added the canvas I then included an image for the background. But my player doesn’t appear at the front of the canvas image (background) . i tried order in layer and the camera depth , but it doesn’t seem to work, could anyone help me please. Thank you.

If your Canvas is set to “Screen Space - Overlay”, then the canvas will always be drawn AFTER everything else in the scene. As a result, if your Player is a scene object, it will be drawn behind the Canvas.

However, if you change the Canvas to “Screen Space - Camera” and specify the same Camera that’s rendering your Player, you can modify the “Plane Distance” field to force the canvas to be behind the Player.

If you look in the scene view, you’ll see that the Canvas GameObject actually moves towards and away from the Camera as you change the “Plane Distance”. When the order of your objects is Camera, then Player, then Canvas, the player should render in front of the Canvas, as you’d expect. The canvas is rendered in 3D space, just like any other GameObject!