Player / vehicle spinning?

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Dear All

i am learning the usage of playmaker and unity currently targeted for android devices.

I have a problem with my player / vehicle synchronization (Using Photon).

I can’t really explain the problem, but i have videos about it.
When a player is moving around, sometimes he spins(?) or goes crazy for a moment.

K lapú hjk - YouTube

For player and vehicle position/rotation syncing, i’m lerping between the current and the updated position.

The problem is a bit different with the vehicle.

For the vehicle i'm using similar way for syncing the position, but i also made a network input controller, which is setting intput variables (like brake input, throttle etc) for steering and sound synchronization, and i'm using Edy's Vehicle Physics

I really hope that someone can help me out!

It dont look as problem abour synchronization! Have some Quaternion or Vector3 codes that are bugging between your animations commands. Make sure if are not trying to change transform, position or/and rotattion, twice between your animations. Make sure your animations have Pose Backed checked, also.