Player with overlay mesh - best method to add duplicate animations?


I have a Player with his own animations and a script that plays them at certain times. Now, I have a mesh created in Maya, that I want to overlay on top of the player mesh. This will at as a hidden ‘shield’ layer than will only appear (using a transparency shader) when the Player has been shot. It is pretty much a scaled up version of the player mesh so will appear as an outline. The effect has been used in many games but none spring to mind at time of writing. The overlay mesh will be parented to the Player with its renderer disabled until the appropriate time.

Now, as this mesh must play the same animations as the Player (all 31 of them), I was wondering what the best method would be to achieve this. The long route would be to add an animation component onto the mesh and add the animations, then duplicate the Animation Manager script of the Player and tack that on. I could also use the Player Animation Manager script and for each call to the Player, add an extra call to the overlay each time. Are there any other methods, copying components, etc?


I would probably export the player together with the shield, all skinned to the same rig, and in Unity simply (de)activate the renderer for the shield accordingly (I do it like that currently with my player’s weapons).