Player won't stop spinning to left.(fixed) but more issues.

When I start my game without touching any controls, my player starts to spin to the left on its own!!! Everything was working fine till I was trying to change some inputs in the manager to get my gamepad working. However, I can’t figure out what got changed that would make this happen. Please help.
And I don’t have a rigid body on my character. When I unplug the controller it seems to stop though… But I need the controller.

EDIT I fixed the spinning, I think it was caused by my 2nd mouse, I just unplugged it. But now, since I was messing around with the input, I mangange to really mess it up and can’t get my gamepad back up and running. I followed 5 different tutorials and nothing is working. It seem like everything is backwards when I set it up, like the right stick does what the left should do, and everything is inverted. I just need a InputManger.asset and script for a gamepad. Where would I find that??? HEHEH

Increase your thumbstick sensitivity threshold. Refer to your native library documents for how to include into unity. Something like GameState.GamePad.Thumbstick.Left.SensitivityThreshold=0.1; // normalized value 0.0-1.0

Unity is spinning you because the controller says the thumbstick has been moved too much. The same principle applies when you are trying to ‘sneak’ vs ‘run’ in a game, this is a simple variance in the amount of change that has been applied to the thumbstick.

Old controllers have loose, worn sticks, confuse unity/threshold sensitivity, because they are constantly reporting these values because the stick cannot hold itself upright perfectly, and the controller knows this.

IF this is your problem, this IS the answer. But, maybe you actually have a code error, who knows yet. Your description was kind of vague.

Good luck

This is what DeadZone was invented for.

Sticks never hit 0. They always offset by some tiny amount.

Recalibrate the sticks in Windows (Devices and Printers). Introduce deadzone in Input Manager.

You can test if it is some offset by flicking your stick out and letting go. The springy metal in the stick assembly gets a bit worn in a short period of time.