Playernames on top of the gameobject on a text mesh


I went through the example 4 of M2H's network tutorial but i have a few questions :

  1. I store my playername in playerPrefs.
  2. I send my username by rpc to the server.
  3. The server adds the name linked to the networkview ID in an array.

now my question is, how do i get all the names assigned to the textmeshes. Does the server need to do this or the clients ?

I know how to get my viewID, i can compare it to whats in the list. I think i just got lost at the end. Eddy.

It's simple, You put into the 3D Text(Text Mesh).Text the value of ur PlayerPrefs.GetString(playerName);

GetComponent (TextMesh).text = PlayerPrefs.GetString(playerName);