Playerobject makes weird "jump"

Hi there,

sorry for the title but what actually happens is really weird.

I got the following script:

float jump = Input.GetAxis("Jump"); plr.Translate(0, jump * Time.deltaTime,0);

(inside the update function of course)

The funny thing is, that it doesn't really jumps. Even if I add a multiplier it does not make the same "move". I am testing with a Sphere to get the simpliest model.

Sometimes it jumps but instantly falls downwards, like a stone into water, and often it just bumps from ground for a second. Looks really weird to me.

That's because a jump is actually a composition of forces. Gravity versus upward force versus upward momentum versus drag.

To make that english

Use the Move function and you should be ok. It also checks for collisions for you. The problem with adding vertical values is that they don't have an over time slow down period while going up making it look uncanningly unrealistic.

For a reference for the move function check here: