Playerprefs don't reset after reinstalling the build on my phone.


I have arranged a PlayerPrefs value ‘isOnboardingComplete’ to avoid restarting an onboarding tutorial,
after the user plays the first game session.
But after uninstalling the app on my android phone, rebuilding it, and reinstalling, the value doesn’t reset.

Some people say that it could be solved by changing within the manifest file:

(1) android:allowBackup=“false”

(2) android:fullBackupContent=“false”

I haven’t tried it, because I got 3 manifest files in my unity project. In what of these should I change those values (1) & (2)?
Thanks for the help!


If you only want to clear playerperfs in development phase then you will try add UI button and attach event method like ClearPlayerPerfs() which contain Playerperfs.DeleteAll. Otherwise everytime you need to clear data in mobile phone after installing.

For manifest file i think that is (1).
Are you try to edit manifest file?