PlayerPrefs from One App to Another.

Been looking around for a suitable way to save some information and then to load it with another application.

Within the saving application this snippet of code is used:

var saved : boolean;

if (saved){
   var saving = saved.ToString();
   PlayerPrefs.SetString("Object", saving);

Within the loading application this snippet of code is used:

if (PlayerPrefs.HasKey("Object")){
   Instantiate(gameitem, transform.position, transform.rotation);

So if there is a key named Object which is being saved with the 1st application then it will Instantiate a gameobject into the 2nd application.

The problem is nothing is appearing which means it cannot find the key so am I missing something or is this not possible?

Thank you for any feedback.

On iOS each application is completely sandboxed. You have absolutely no access to another application’s data. The only way I can think of for app1 to tell app2 to do something is for them to both share access to a web server, and have app1 post some data for app2 to get.