PlayerPrefs: loading saved data from the menu?

I’m using a save script that saves the position of the player and which also has a load function. I call the load function in the menu scene, on a button (“continue game”), but it does not register. Any ideas on how to load data that has been saved in another scene from the menu?


if you want to carry the save data from one scene to another you could used a don’t destroy on load on the gameobject which holds your save data.

But I guess you mean more to load from the main menu… if so I believe you need to save to binary files…
this gets fun because you can save game objects but just data… so when you load you then need to re-dispatch this data to the different affected game objects in your scene.
Here is a good starting point:

If you do find another either way - please do share !
or perhaps I misunderstood what you are looking to do.
good luck,