PlayerPrefs saving, but not loading some values

I do use PlayerPrefs for everything (even knowing that it should be better to use XML), but it just doesn’t works correctly! I mean, I have these attributes:

private int stamna;
private int health;
private float speed;
private float speed; //I have one script to move on X and one to move on Z axes.
private float defence;
private float dmg;

And also have the variables that display the points applyed to each skill during game, each one of them I use at SIX objects, and save individually, since I have a Helmet, a Chestplate, Gloves, Weapon, Pants, Boots:

private int manaPoints;
private int healthPoints;
private int speedPoints;
private int defencePoints;
private int damagePoints;
private int pointsToSpend;
private int currentXP;
private int xpToNxtLvl;

I save them like this:


PlayerPrefs.SetInt(save_load.HeroName + + "SkillKey", theSkill);


PlayerPrefs.SetInt("*GalahadHelmetDamageKey", damagePoints);

Player stats:

PlayerPrefs.SetInt(save_load.HeroName + "StatKey", theStat);


PlayerPrefs.SetInt("*GalahadDamageKey", dmg);

And I load them with PlayerPrefs.GetInt (in the case of speed I use GetFloat).
Some of the values load and some doesn’t:

//Stamna doesn't load correctly, starting with always 100;
//Health is the same of stamna;
 //Speed load as 120000 and is unchangeable, what is extremelly wrong, as I should be able to increase 1000 of points each upgrade;
 //Defence = 0;
 //Damage = 1;

Even if I save their data manually, once I stop the game and run it again they NEVER load correctly, only when I load it by myself. Same trouble with equipments.

REGEDIT folder:

If you need more details let me know!

public class Score : MonoBehaviour
public int score = 20;
void Start()
PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“Score”,score); //Save score value
//Get Save value
public void UpdateScore()
int newScore = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“Score”);
Debug.Log(“Score” + newScore);

@Galahad_Hohan . Im not sure why it isn’t working. If you use PlayerPrefs.SetInt etc it will save them automatically even if you quit the application and PlayerPrefs.GetInt will load it. My only thought is maybe you have placed them in the wrong function? Or something like that.