PlayerPrefs Storage Location on Android or iOS

Where are PlayerPrefs stored on Android or iOS?

On Android they are stored in your phone’s internal memory in /data/data/appname/shared_prefs/appname.xml
Where appname is the full package identifier e.g. com.mycomany.example

No idea about iOS sorry

On iOS devices, the PlayerPrefs can be found in your app’s plist file. It’s located at:

/Apps/ your app’s folder /Library/Preferences/ your app’s .plist

I used a free MacOS app called iExplorer to find and verify any changes I make to the PlayerPrefs on my iPad app. If anyone has a handier/better way, please share.

What I found out so far is:

“To be able to see the PlayerPrefs which Unity 3D stores on your Android, you’ll have to have your device rooted.
Rooting is necessary to be able to access the data - Partition.
You can find the PlayerPrefs’ XML file here:


I’m actually don’t use PlayerPrefs. I prefer use what I’ve learned on this Live Training . It’s been working for me so far.