PlayerPrefs string variables

Hi everyone!
Well I’ve been looking for the way of making a PlayerPrefs Save system that allows the user (in the Editor) setting the name of each Pref (example: “level1”, “level2”, “level3”…). With this I could have a simple script and depending in what level I am, I could set the name of the level and then saving the highscore of each one. It’s more or less like this:

public string lvlNumb;

void OnTriggerEnter{
	PlayerPrefs.SetInt("lvlNumb", 1234);

I know it is possible to set the value with any int variable, but is thera any way to change the “string” from the editor?

I hope anyone can understand my trouble and can help me.

Thanks a lot.


You just want to do:

   PlayerPrefs.SetInt(lvlNumb, 1234);

No quotes!