PlayerPrefs to Unlock Object question

I’m relatively new to Unity and have been building an iPhone app for quite some time. I want to have in app purchases for certain gameobjects and I’m wondering how I would go about doing that. Everything I read is I need to use PlayerPrefs but I can’t find a good tutorial. I need it to work with Prime31’s Storekit plugin which I have up and running. I can easily make purchases with this great plugin but my noobish nature isn’t allowing me to figure out how to assign this to an object to lock and unlock it once purchase is successful.

Thanks to anyone that can help me or point me to a good tutorial which I can’t find for the life of me!

How about something like this:

On purchase:

  PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Bought_" +itemName, 1);

To check for purchase:

  if(PlayerPrefs.HasKey("Bought_" + itemName)) {
     //Item was purchased