Player's HEAD disappears when I press "play"

Hello, I placed my player on scene (there is no animation attached yet) . But when i press play the head of my player disappears. It doesn’t remain on terrain or something just disappears. I attach two pictures. One in scene/game mode and one in play mode. Is there any idea?

Welp, hard to figure anything out with just pictures…I’ll give you a general direction of where to start looking for answers.

Hit play and look at your Hierarchy, check whether the head is really missing. If it is, then the cause will probably your code. So go to your code, press Ctrl+F, you’ll see a Tab at the Top-Right, select the lowest Dropdown and pick “Current Project”, then type in “Destroy(” at the search field. You can check all the parts of your code that can destroy objects. You’ll find the cause of what is making your head disappear.