Players Health and display images as hearts

I have my playersLives variable setup in gameController, after player crashes with object text pops up with updated amount of playerLives. Now I wanted to go step further and display images hearts, so i got free gui asset with heart images but how would i add those images to my working playerLives variable ?

Thank You.

you would separate the image of the red heart from the background so you can display them independently on top of the background.

then do something like this:

	public int lives = 5;
	public Texture2D heart;

	void Start () {
		if(heart==null){heart= new Texture2D(1,1);}}

void OnGUI(){
float space;
		int ii=lives;
		space =40;
		while(ii>0){ii--;GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(space,20,30,30),heart);