Players number

Hello, in my game are max 8 people on map. I want to give number (first free from 1-8) for every player but the problem is that I don't know how to make one global object with this numbers. Actually i got (example for max 3players on map):
in script in gameobject in scene:
public static bool one=false;
public static bool two=false;
public static bool three=false;

[RPC] void info(int number){
if (number== 1) true;
if (number== 2)
scriptsname.two= true;
if (number== 3)
scriptsname.three= true;

then in scripts when create players:

if ( false) {
playersnumber= 1;
GameObject.Find ("objectsname").GetComponent ().RPC ("info", PhotonTargets.All, playersnumber);
else if (scriptname.two== false) {
playersnumber= 2;
GameObject.Find ("objectsname").GetComponent ().RPC ("info", PhotonTargets.All, playersnumber);
else if (scriptname.three== false) {
playersnumber= 3;
GameObject.Find ("objectsname").GetComponent ().RPC ("info", PhotonTargets.All, playersnumber);

problem is that every player got number "1" and only "one" in "scriptname" is true, probably because "gameobject" is not global and everyone got different one. What should I do?

Congratulations, you are about to enter the marvellous world of static members! Google can tell you in much more detail, but in a nutshell static members are variables or functions that are not dependant on - and don't require an instance of - a class object. C# is particularly nice about them, allowing you to mix static and non-static members almost seamlessly. A quick example:

class Dog : MonoBehaviour {
    static int numDogs = 0;

    void Awake(){
        Debug.Log("There are " + numDogs + "dogs!");


"There are 1 dogs!"
"There are 2 dogs!"
"There are 3 dogs!"

Good luck!

mhm this is not good solution, I have to send numbers to masterclient then check whether there are free or not