Playing Animation over Network

My animation for a gate opening plays on the client, but no one else in the network game can see it. What should I add to mys script to make it play. as of now im using animation.Play("ewhatever");

You need to send an RPC to everyone to say that the animation is playing, then the RPC will be called on a lacal machine, so you don't actually watch it over the network, someone over the network turns it on then sends a message to your machine to turn it on for you. need more info? check out and take a look at the network example. there is some more info and a forum for this here!

Try this:


function AnimateNetwork (clip : String){

currentAnim = clip;


function Update () {

currentAnim = "Run";

animation.Play("Run", 0.2); networkView.RPC("AnimateNetwork", RPCMode.AllBuffered, currentAnim);


Trust me, it’s that simple, yet it works! this however only works for the legacy animation system, not mecanim. (Apparently, Mecanim is very hard to sync on the network!)