Playing background audio clip with clip in foreground

I have a music manager set up that plays audio clip based on array in the inspector. When the user presses a button, I am trying to play another audio clip at a higher volume without interupting the background clip. I am attempting to use a game object (LoadSound) to play the second clip. When it pays, the background halts, does not restart. Secondary clip continues to play as long as that scene is visible.
What is the best practice for playing a second clip on top of the first?

I’m new to C# and Unity, any help will be greatly appreciated.

for playing loop sounds always create another Audio Source;
for other Audios that need to be played just once and don’t need to be loop use this;

GetComponent<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(AudioClipAddress, 1f);

this way u wont have any problem and u can play thousands of AudioClips with one audiosource how many times u like,