Playing multiple animations at the same time

Let’s say I have a scene with a prefab of an environment. In the scene MB/FBX, I’ve split the animation components off into separate names/keyframes. If I then go to the root game object of the prefab, I can see the Animation component with a list of each of those separate animations in the “Animations” part. Now, the problem is, what if I want to play all of the animations within that Animation component at the same time? In other words, I want them all to start playing at the same time and thus, all would have equal weighting. Blend/Crossfade won’t work here since it always distributes the weights.

Is there any way to do this?

Set them all on different layers – animation["wiggle2"].layer=5;. The exact numbers don’t matter.

Set all but one (the one you put on the lowest layer) as Additive animations: animation["juke3"].blendMode = AnimationBlendMode.Additive;. Leave the lowest as it is, which is Blend.

Just play them all, normally. Make sure the lowest one is always playing. If you can’t be sure of that, create a “doNothing” 1-frame idle loop, and play that (Add animations need a non-add base, or they accumulate spin and look crazy.) Leave all the weights at 1, as normal. Feel free to CrossFade all you want. If they are on different layers, XFade fades in you and won’t fade anyone else out – that’s 1/2 of what layers are for, to tell CrossFade who to fade out and who not to.