Playing music while scenes change?

If I start a music track in one level and the next level starts, can I have the track not stop and continue playing through to the next level?

Is this possible in Unity?

Something like this works in my game, attach it to a GameObject that won't be destroyed:

public var SoundClip : AudioClip;
private var SoundSource : AudioSource;

function Awake()
    SoundSource = gameObject.AddComponent(AudioSource);
    //SoundSource.playOnAwake = false;
    //SoundSource.rolloffMode = AudioRolloffMode.Logarithmic;
    //SoundSource.loop = true;

function Start()
    SoundSource.clip = SoundClip;

I'd try this:

Though playing music while the scene changes (i.e when loading after Application.LoadLevel call) doesn't work unless you have pro and can load the level async.

You could take a look at SoundManagerPro, it handles that kind of stuff