Playing Several Hi-Resolution Videos Concurrently

I'm working on a project that needs us to display 5 videos concurrently on two separate video walls.
- All are using VP8 to accommodate the resolutions below
- 3 videos are 4331x1920 @ 25k mb/second
- 2 videos are 2116x1920 @ 15k mb/second

They all need to stay relatively synchronized because they represent windows onto the same view (doesn't have to be perfect but on scene transitions you notice if they are off too much).

Currently we are having trouble getting them to even play. They often pause (I assume while loading) and just never resume or take a long time to, at which point they are all out of sync. What's interesting is that it doesn't cause the game to catch at all; we often are running at 60+fps in editor according to the profiler. We have a couple of potential solutions and I'm just wondering if these are things worth pursuing?

  1. Would cutting the 5 videos into shorter segments, and playing them back to back help at all? So if we have video A currently, we'd make video A0, A1, A2 etc. and play A1 as soon as A0 finishes.
  2. Currently we aren't Transcoding the videos on import because we cant find details on what its actually doing under the hood (if any Unity people read this, this would be great to have in the documentation, like what does High Bitrate mean?). We'd like to make any changes to the video before it goes into Unity but does the transcode processes do anything that helps it be viewed by Unity more efficiently?
  3. We have to stay with Unity 5.6.0b3 because there's a problem with Linear color space and multiple displays in 5.6.0f3 and, as I mentioned above, we have two walls of screens. I remember there being some speculation during the beta about whether or not VideoPlayer.Prepare() was working, and it seems like it never completes when I call the function on all 5 video players. Is it just a matter of waiting longer?
  4. If it comes down to it, we can just turn the second video wall into a video, and run the screens off of a Raspberry Pi. There's not a lot that happens dynamically on those screens, but it would be nice to have the option (plus this means building 8 new pieces of hardware + software to control them). This is currently our last ditch option.

If there are other solutions anyone has, any help is greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

You might try Demolition Media's HAP. It offers super fast playback of video clips.!/content/78908

Yeaaah!! I Thinking so about that too. ;)
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