Playing sounds to specific output channels

I understand that Unity supports Surround Sound 7.1 which gives me 6 speaker channels for position plus a subwofer and center speaker. Is there any way to play audio to these specifc speaker channels? If I wanted to play a specific sound to a specific speaker for example, and bypass the 3D positional sound system that Unity has.

Additionally I would like to know if there is any way to get additional channels if the hardware supports it. I need to support 16 sound channels for my application, sending specific sound to each of the individual speakers.

Does Unity have any support for this?

I cheated the system! However it was a very specific scene that I was able to do this with…static camera, no movement. I made game objects with channel specific audio and made sure the listener was as close to the center as possible, then using my meters on my gear I was able to perfectly position the discrete “zones.”

You could probably do the same idea but make the audio sources children of the listener…wherever it may be. That way your zones go with the player.

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