Playing two sprite-based animations simultaneously (Not Legacy)

Hi all,

Sorry if the question is repeated.

I’m using Unity 4.5.2 for a 2D game. I have 2 sprite-based animations stored as CharBounce.anim (That makes the character bounce) and CharHighlight.anim (that changes the color of the character).

Using Animation component gives me a legacy warning, and I don’t want to use it.
So, what is the best modern solution to play these 2 animation at the same time?

Please consider me as novice in this field! :smiley:

Thank’s a lot! :slight_smile:

The mecanim solution is to use animation layers. Check it out here.

After looking into animation layers, I don’t think it is the solution to my problem. It’s usually applied to different parts of the body, but I want to apply 2 animations to the same parts.

Full scenario: I have a 2D character made from several sprites. one animation makes it move (it manipulates all body parts), the other animation highlights the character, by changing the rendering color of the same body parts, from white to green.

I want to be able to play both animation at the same time. e.g. when the character is moving, clicking it should change the highlight.