PlayMaker - Visual Scripting for Unity

Hutong Games is pleased to announce Playmaker, a powerful visual state machine editor for Unity.

  • Realize your creative vision without knowing how to code! Unlock the power of Unity today!
  • Quickly make gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, interactive levels, cut scenes...
  • Comprehensive documentation, tutorial videos, and an active community help you get started.
  • Programmers love Playmaker too - it's just fun to use!

To learn more visit the Playmaker Site



Blizzard used Playmaker in the award winning Hearthstone!
"A big help in enabling our art team to independently make cool events in-game."
Jason Chayes, Production Director, Hearthstone

As huge fans of the Longest Journey series, we’re super thrilled that Red Thread Games is using Playmaker in the development of Dreamfall Chapters, the long awaited next installment in the award winning series.

"There are a lot of things going on at the same time in Dreamfall Chapters, and Playmaker lets us keep track of it all. With an easy to use interface, and a very flexible toolset, making games with Playmaker is both fun and rewarding!" - Martin Bruusgaard, Design Director, Dreamfall Chapters

Check out for the latest Dreamfall Chapters news!


Dear Esther is being ported to Unity with the help of Playmaker:


For me, Playmaker is a gateway into a world I’d always considered alien – it’s basically a visual code editor, and for someone who has been using UDK on and off for the past 5-6 years, it made the process of creating functional code in Unity very natural.
[/quote] Robert Briscoe – Environment Artist and Indie Game Developer


Dreamfall Chapters, the next chapter in the Longest Journey series:


He points to fantastic third party tools like Playmaker and NGUI—and, most recently, Daikon Forge—as being central to the studio’s workflow. “Without these tools, particularly on the game logic and GUI side, it would have been hard for us to produce and iterate as quickly as we do today.

Fightback by Ninja Theory, makers of Devil May Cry:

“We've made use of PlayMaker, which has given our designers a lot of freedom to work without needing to rely on code support for every little job”

The Forest, using Playmaker for the AI:



"PlayMaker for Unity is awesome because it lets us quickly set up in-game events and cinematics using its visual scripting tool, which has taken a large burden off of our programmers’ back."

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Cool, I'll test it at once.

test OK!! Will you want to make it like virtools??

Are you live in hutong in Beijing. I grew up in hutong of Beijing. I like your "HutongGames".

ah convenience :smile: i love me some node based coding :smile:

Thanks I'll be sure to leave a bit of feedback when I can use it.


looks interesting, thanks for sharing the beta. Testing time it is :-)

Very cool, I really like it so far, lots can be done with it. What are your plans for playMaker? Retail, donations etc?

Very cool, I was looking for something like this for small projects for handheld :)

How much will this cost when released?

great jop
when will you release it ? and how mutch will it cost ?

great.that similar to blender and price for it when released?

Amazing, you have my attention for sure!

One of the gratest thing ive gotten :P THX...

This looks very interesting... Wonderful project.

quite nice! Is it for unityscript only for C# as well?

I lived in a beijing hutong for 6 months this year - made lots of good friends. Hope to go back soon!

Thanks everyone for checking this out! We look forward to hearing what you think...

We'll give the beta a couple of weeks at least to flush out bugs, then submit to the asset store. Price TBD. We want to keep it reasonable for indies and hobbyists. But it will probably be a single user, not site license.

@Mister Edvinas:
Playmaker should work with any of Unity's scripting languages. I like C#, so the examples use that. I would love to hear about people's experiences with other scripting languages... we plan to ship samples that use them too.

Looks like a really professional and well made library.
Will definitely be spending time learning it.

Thanks a lot for the contribution!

Awesome stuff - can't wait to give it a ride. Hope that it's a bit like Construct / Kismet!