PlayMovieURL issue with iOS 5.0.1


iPhoneUtils.PlayMovieURL works well on iOS 4.3 when I play a video from Documents folder on iPad, but it doesn’t work in iOS 5.0.1
The video player is launched, but the movie is stopped and the player is then closed.

I use XCode 4.0.1 and iOS SDK 4.3


Hey guys,

I had the same problem.
Just putting “file://” before Application.persistentDataPath worked out fine.
You didn’t need to do this in ios 4.3.

So for example:

iPhoneUtils.PlayMovieURL("file://"+Application.persistentDataPath + "/" + "moviename.m4v",, iPhoneMovieControlMode.Hidden);


This worked for me as well. Also, verify the path being passed. I saw this same error simply because “.mp4” was omitted from the end of the path.