PlayQueued high consumption of resources

I put two PlayQueued inside Update( ).
I want that these two apps play one after the other.
But I noticed that the consumption of resources grows and grows.

It seems that the animations are put in a sort of queue but I do not understand why.

I’m having some issues with getting the PlayQueue to work how I wanted, I also tried to create my own queue but am having a lot of difficulty with my understanding on Animations in Unity so it’s not working out too well.

HOWEVER, in regards to why are resources growing, I’d assume that since you’re queuing a higher number of items to be dealt with, then that has to be stored so more memory is consumed by saving items in the PlayQueued Queue. If you have a queue you can store items in there and each store means memory that is dedicated to what is stored, if you’ve 2 queues then you’ve twice as much potential data that needs to be saved and therefore eats memory and requires CPU time to store and fetch. If it’s growing exponentially then that sounds like items are being added to both queues instead of a singular one.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.