Playtesting Android games on PC

For some reason unity remote just stopped working. Was working fine, turned off pc, came back after an hour and it was no longer working.
I tried on multiple devices, all showing up in the build settings, devices are listed in adb.
I’m using unity 2020.1.17f, and redmi note 9 pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab s6, both running android 10.

Given how many people are having the same issue, and barely any fix works, I feel it would be less frustrating if I could just instantly test the touch controls on my pc itself instead of building everytime for minor changes.

does anyone know a way to do that?

Ok so i ended up fixing unity remote instead.

Switching to none for the remote in the editor settings, playing, stopping and switching back to any android device.

Make sure to have USB drivers and adb path set up for good measures, i did have these set up and still it wasn’t working. only switching back and forth remote settings did.

as for the actual question that i asked, i found some resources here, didn’t get to try it but might be worth looking into if someone needs it.
Stackoverflow- Running Unity remote on an emulator

This video worked for me: Unity Remote 5 Android Fix