Please add an additional comment/description field to the keys

When designing a Remote Confige workflow and the key/value pairs structure for our games I'm missing a field in which I could describe what the given key/value is changing in the game. The tool is often later used by the marketing team and having such field would enable us to create a context based documentation for them.

This could work similarly to the event parameters in the Analytics dashboard. Each event parameter has a "Description" field which I use to leave notes to my future self or my teammates. Having the same functionality in Remote Config for the key/value pairs would make things a lot simpler.

Best regards!

I have a few questions about your use-case.
Are your values always primitives (int, long, strings) or objects?
Do you use in-editor workflows or the CLI?

I'm asking because I can think of a few simple alternatives...
If you are using file-based workflows (either CLI or Editor), you could have comments in the JSON files, or duplicate keys.

If you use objects, you could structure your content accordingly:
"diifculty" : { "description" : "this dictates difficulty", "value" : 3 }

Whether or not the feature will be taken in consideration is an aside, trying to see if what's available could unblock you

Hey Gab,
I'm using primitives only. It's perfectly sufficient for our use case and, call me old-fashioned, I'm not trusting my marketing team to edit the JSON files and not mess something up :-) I'm using the in-editor Remote Config window to create the keys and Push them to the dashboard.
In the old RemoteSettings I ended up just duplicating all the keys and adding "dummy" keys just for description purposes, but that makes the dashboard messy and is far from ideal. I was hoping this kind of thing to be more convenient (like the "Description" field in the custom parameters in Analytics) - hence this Feature request.

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