Please add metadata support.

As the title says, for example:

A player named Carmine got a score of 1000 in 90 seconds and is Awesome.


This would be especially helpful when using "AuthenticationService.Instance.SignInAnonymouslyAsync" as described in the documentation:

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Congratulations domonyiv on being the first to post in this forum. Thanks for the suggestion, I have added this as a feature request to the team and will let you know as soon as I have any info to share.

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@Unity_AndyP Thanks, any news on this?

@Unity_AndyP Any news on this please? Moreover: could you provide me with some insight as to how the various Unity dev teams work? Are these people dedicated to a certain area, like only working on the Leaderboard service full time? And what milestones, goals or planning do you maintain? I'm really curious..

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@domonyiv we are looking providing a Metadata feature for Leaderboard.
Meanwhile, it would be possible to use Cloud Save in conjunction with Cloud Code to add Metadata support. It is not ideal and you may run into issue if your game is also trying to save cloud save data at the same time, but it should fit the simple use case you described.

Here is how you could do it:

  • Create a Cloud Code script and use Leaderboard Cloud Code APIs to add a score
  • Use Cloud Save Cloud Code APIs to save custom metadata with leaderboard id (make sure there is a read and value check, so that leaderboard metadata doesn't override other saves)
  • Then do the same things for retrieving leaderboard scores and map the metadata from the cloud save.

@Rinusch at Unity we have a full team dedicate to Leaderboards - our goal is to provide a complete solution so that Developers can easily provide a Leaderboard feature to their Players.