Please confirm: Galaxy Stylus not readable directly in Unity


I want to use the Galaxy Stylus pen in “Paint My Cat”, my iOS/Android App.

Just to confirm, the Unity docs that say you can read the Stylus with KeyCode.LeftCtrl etc are incorrect, yes? Nobody has got this working directly. It demonstrably does not work in my app. Nor does using Event.current in OnGUI return anything useful.)

In order to use the SPen touches, you must build a Java Plugin and handle SPen results directly using the SPen SDK.

There is also the SPen Unity extension, but at first glance, it looks like this is really focussed on giving you full canvas functionality (from which you can then pull the user’s image) rather than just getting touch event info.)

I’m really just posting in the hope that (a) if anyone thinks what I’m saying is incorrect, somebody will fix it, and (b) somebody in the future searching for “unity3d galaxy note stylus” might find something concise and correct.


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