Please Help !!!!!! Baked lightmaps does not work with asset bundle on Ios and Android builds

I’ve baked my lightmaps and I can see them in the scene in the as shown in the pic below

But after I create asset bundles for IOS and Android this is what i get on the device

I’ve spent the past week to find a solution that works works on unity 5.3 but have not been successful. The only way i can see my light maps is by mapping the lightmaps created by Enlighten to the mobile legacy-lightmap-shader. It could be a user error on my part but I never had this problem with Beast. Now with enlighten in unity 5 it has become a nightmare. Please Help !!!


Thanks itsharshdeep but i think that is what i’m kind of doing already. I’m converting the .exr files to .pngs in photoshop and using them with a legacy shader to display the lightmaps. With beast i did’nt have to do these extra steps. Please let me know if you think my appraoch is still different from yours.