Please help :c

Hello. Im pretty new to Unity and i have a problem. I made a VR application. I implemented the GCardboard sdk. So the point is like this:
I make some spheres with skybox images.
Then i made like a virtual Tour from sphere to sphere. I have some buttons. But sometimes and i cant figure out why because i dont have any error or warning instead of showing my buttons like this

I just get all things black like this

If someone can help me please.

Or instead of this

i get this.


  • look in the material properties of the buttons and see if they change on play
  • turn off shadow casting for the spheres
  • make sure there is a single world light source
  • try different performance settings in project settings

Thanks for your answer but the thing is… I get this very randomly… So when i go from Menu Sphere to first sphere sometimes it does this sometimes it doesn’t.