Please, Help - files erased problem

Once again, weeks of work, gone. To freakin’ Unity. I save, and close. Open my game again. Everything is gone. This is the fourth time it’s happened. All my work gone. I have to restart weeks on work. Weeks. I tried to close Unity when I saved on exit… but to no avail.

The thing is, if you save a project while closing unity, it will f*ck you over and decide to delete everything instead of saving it.

Can someone tell me anything to help? There is no temp folder, and I’m not sure I even have a backup, because I don’t know the password (no, it’s not admin), to my synology.

Will anyone, someone help? Is there anything I can do to restore weeks and weeks worth of work?

It may not be caused by Unity itself, virus checkers can be an absolute pain in the ass for this, at college, I have to manually disable Sophos because it literally deletes any unknown files, with unity being one of them, it deletes all my unity work when I close it, so I have to export my assets / save my project onto an external drive before closing, this issue is probably 99% chance not to be caused by unity itself but a 3RD party program.

So it only disappears sometimes? That is strange.
If your hard drive is going bad, files will disappear (often whole folders). You can run a diskcheck on it and see if it had errors, and it might fix it.

Ive had teachers and sysadmin’s delete my stuff in the past, is someone erasing these files?

It is caused by something else mostly. Never seen a behaviour like this from unity from 2.5 til now which i’m using it for almost everyday.
Check your hard drive, utility softwares, anti virus software and the possibility of having a virus which does this.
And use a version control system for avoiding headaches like this later on. just install free visualsvn server and tortoiseSVN or use visual studio’s team foundation service from microsoft for free.