please help island demo compieler error

OK i’m new to unity i have a question i cant find out i try to load the game but i have compiler errors the console say’s

Assets/Scripts/UnderwaterEffects.js(23,46): BCE0022: Cannot convert ‘UnityEngine.GameObject’ to ‘float’.

what do i do

My cheap shooting-from-the-hip tape-and-glue solution was to comment out the lines that gave me an error, and I could successfully compile and run the Island demo.

It’s not the optimal solution, of course, but I’m new to Unity and not sure yet how to properly fix those errors. :slight_smile:

find the line which says: if(water) waterLevel = water.gameObject; and replace the following: if(water) waterLevel = water.gameObject.position.y; i hope it will works else delete the script… im new to unity so (comments removed)