Please Help! :) Loading assetBundle Animations 4.0.0 -> 4.0.1 broke my scene

This Code was working before in 4.0.0… loading asset bundles via www.

I updated from 4.0.0 → 4.0.1 and my code now gives the following errors in 2 parts of this code…

BCE0019: ‘name’ is not a member of ‘Object’.
BCE0019: ‘animation’ is not a member of ‘Object’.

Has something to do with how i’m typecasting into an object…I guess it should be a different type? I don’t know what type it should be or how the code should look or how to find out what types are available with assetbundles./

the assetbundle i’m loading is only bones with animation on it…

Thanks in advance! ;

var charAnim1 = new WWW (urlString);
		currentWWW = charAnim1;
	    yield charAnim1;

	    var Animation1 : Object[] = charAnim1.assetBundle.LoadAll(Animation);
	    var clipName1 : String;

		clipName1 = Animation1[0].name.ToString();

		characterObj.animation.AddClip(Animation1[0].animation.clip, clipName1);	
		characterObj.animation.wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop;

Try changing Object[] to UnityEngine.Object[].