please help me about make player state

Hello I’m trying to make an action rpg game.
I’m trying to implement the enemy as a pluggable pattern.

I don’t know how to implement the player.

What I’m worried about

  1. Implemented by switching the state using fsm.
  2. Just create each script and attach it to the player character (move.cs , attack.cs … )

If you know of a better way, please let me know

You could maybe have one main player script and within that player script, you could have code that goes something like this:

public move moveScript;
public attack attackScript;
// ect.

void Update()
    if (moveScript != null)
    if (attackScript != null)

And then in each plugin script, you could either have a void or function that would replace Update OR you could just have update in it and it would work automatically. If you wanted each script to have a reference to the main script, and therefore, all of the player scripts, you could have script have a

public MainScript mainPlayerScript;

And in the Start() of the main script, do:

moveScript.mainPlayerScript = this;
attackScript.mainPlayerScript = this;
// ect.

You could then do stuff like

attackSpeed = mainPlayerScript.moveScript.moveSpeed * 2;

Overall, your question is not very specific, and I might be misunderstanding you, but I hope it helps!