Please help me guys, need some kick start info about IPHONE game development

I am good with C++ & JAVA, i want to make a simple game like CLASSIC BOUNCE.I want to target it to iphone(may be port it to android later).I am just a college passout who is interestd in GAME DEVELOPMENT, my financial condition is not so good I cant afford money on software purchase & I dont have a MAC I use WINDOWS XP (I can run MAC OS on VM)…I heard unity is the best free game engine…pls guide me about the best way to make it happen…

Please answer my doubts considering I use UNITY GAME ENGINE

1-> Is Objective C & COCOA TOUCH compulsory to learn.???

2->I dont have an iphone, so could I get an emulator without going for APPLE DEVELOPERS ACCOUNT.???

3->I want to make game based on sprites NOT on 3d object

pls help me with these things…A thousand thanks in advance

P.S. If I make some money,I will go with genuine softwares I promise.

Thank you very much

  • Objective C and COCOA TOUCH is not necessary for a broad range of applications. It can be helpful for creating plugins for specific tasks, but there are a lot of third-party plugins to fill the gap for many iPhone specific tasks.
  • You can build for the simulator, but Unity warns, “simulator itself is not very useful for Unity because it does not simulate all inputs from iOS or properly emulate the performance you get on the iPhone/iPad.” More here. I’m not sure how far you will get without a device and a Development Account. You can certainly build for PC and Web to learn Unity as a start.
  • I expect you to have trouble trying to build to a device using Mac OS on a VM, but I don’t know that for sure.
  • Lots of 2D games get built with Unity, but you will carry a size penalty vs. a native app by using Unity. This may lessen the downloads of the game.
  • Don’t plan on making money on the first couple of games you build. It’s not all about software, there are marketing and other issues that will have an impact on if/how you make money. And it takes time to figure out the marketplace.