Please help me solve- Unable to find a suitable compiler/Failed to create compiler instance.

I have spent a month working on this project and now I keep getting this Compiler error, this error doesn’t even say whats wrong.

I have deleted Library folder many times, I have Re-Imported all assets many times. I have separately imported all scripts only, all prefab only.

I can not solve this error at all. I can not re-create the entire project either. My project is 1gb in size but builds under 20mb.
Someone please help. :frowning:


Compiler Error->
ApplicationException: Unable to find a suitable compiler
UnityEditor.Scripting.ScriptCompilers.CreateCompilerInstance (MonoIsland island, Boolean buildingForEditor, BuildTarget targetPlatform) (at C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/Editor/Mono/Scripting/ScriptCompilers.cs:99)

Is it possible to just let unity ignore it.

appears to be a useful link.

Hi, i solved this problem just by delete the ProjectSettings.asset in ProjectSettings and let Unity recreate it again. I had to configure the build again but at least it’s working.