Please help me to make a run, jump and fly through the air.

I’m making my first game with unity.
but I find a problem in his development.
I’ve tried many ways to make it.
I am confused what should I do, ranging from using translate, velocity, and animation addforce I have tried. but no one gives as I want.
My problem is when making his jump and fly.

could you please give me step by step or video tutorials.

I really hope anybody here can help me.
I am using Unity 4.3 existing tools for 2D.

here I include a picture like that I mean.

This is not the place to ask for step by step tutorials or for other to write code for you. What you’re looking for is quite general information. Please have a look at the TUTORIALS section, or Unity Cookie. There are plenty of tutorials out there that cover what you’re looking to do.